Lowes concrete planter in Diy concrete

An Ohio home that was used as a low-income rental unit is now being used as concrete planers.

The Ohio Department of Housing and Community Development said that the property owner is renting the space out to a landscaping company.

The property is a rental unit and has been vacant for a while, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The owner said the tenant and the company rent the unit out to their landscaping business.

The Department of Transportation says the property is part of a parking lot and does not have a permit to use the property for parking.

The agency said that because the property has been in the rental business for so long, there is no proof that the tenant is legally entitled to the space.

The tenants told WEWS News 19 that the land had been vacant and vacant buildings before.

The owners said that they were given the property in April for $3,000.

The tenant had rented the property from a landscaper who was going to build a home on the property.

The landscaper told the landlord that he didn’t have the money to build the home, and the tenant said he could not afford it.

He told the tenant that he had already rented out the space to a company and that they had already paid the lease on the space and the lease was up.

The landlord then told the tenants that they could rent out the property again if they wanted to.

The land is on the west side of Diy, which is about 10 miles east of Cincinnati.

A spokesman for the Department said that, as a rule, the owner of the property does not pay rent to the tenant or pay a security deposit.

The department said that it will look into whether the property belongs to the owner or the tenant.

The rental agreement has expired.

The state says that the owner has the right to ask for a refund if he has any issues with the tenant, but the department said it will not be doing that.

The city of Dii has a code that requires a rental agreement to include a security guarantee for the tenant who pays rent.