New York State: New York City: New Yorkers are going to hell for the cement shortage

New York’s cement supply is at the mercy of a shortage that has left a city with just 2,000 tons of cement on hand.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that the state will cut back its cement supplies by a third from what was originally planned, as a result of the shortage.

The Governor says the move will allow New Yorkers to have a “fairly robust” supply of cement.

Cuomo said New York will be able to continue to supply cement to New Jersey, but it will be more expensive than the amount of cement it previously used to make its cement.

In a statement, Cuomo said, “The New York state cement supply situation has worsened significantly and the governor has taken this step to ensure New Yorkers have access to the cement they need to make a strong and resilient New York.”

Cuomo said the state was already cutting back on cement production because of the drought, and he said the cuts would “provide certainty that New York cement supply will be adequate.”

The governor said the move would be “a big relief to New Yorkers.”

But he said it would be up to New York to provide a reasonable estimate of how much cement it will need to continue producing cement. 

According to a statement from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, the state has been using 3,400 tons of concrete from a stockpile that was originally supposed to last for three years, until January 2019.

The department says that’s down from a target of 3,900 tons.

Cuomo’s announcement came as the Associated Press reported that a New York building inspector said his office received an email on Tuesday stating the city was in the process of buying a new cement factory.

The city is now planning to use the cement it already has to make new concrete for a $1 billion project to build a $2 billion cement factory at the edge of Manhattan.