Costliest concrete stain costliest: $100,000

The most expensive concrete stain is costing more than a concrete fence, a concrete patio and a concrete flooring, according to a study from the National Association of Concrete Contractors.

The report, based on data from more than 200,000 concrete contractors, showed the cost of concrete stain to concrete contractors ranged from $90,000 for a concrete concrete fence to $150,000 to $180,000 a concrete slab.

“The cost of stain was the most expensive category of concrete,” the report said.

The costs of concrete are determined by three factors: the concrete itself, the cost per square foot of concrete used, and the cost to install the concrete.

“We’re using a model that takes into account all of those factors,” said Paul Ostermann, vice president of engineering for the American Concrete Institute.

Concrete stain was first used to stain concrete in the 1960s and 1970s.

The chemical is a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide that breaks down when exposed to air and sunlight.

It has been used for decades in building materials, from roofing to asphalt.

The study showed that, when used in combination with other chemicals, the chemical cost of a concrete stain exceeded $100 million.

The chemical is used in a wide variety of applications including the coating of steel and concrete, the coating and finishing of paint, the finishing of cement and the preparation of concrete for road surfaces.

The cost to remove a concrete or concrete slab is usually higher than that for the coating or finishing.

The study found that a concrete coating alone cost $7.60 per square inch of concrete to remove.

A concrete patio was the least expensive category in the study.

It included $15,000 per square meter, with the cost for a patio ranging from $8,000 up to $15.00 per square mile.

The cost for concrete patio coverings was $6,500 per square yard.

“If you’re looking for a stain that is cost effective, you have to look at the other three,” said Osterman.

The cheapest category of stain, concrete floorings, was the second cheapest.

It was used in $14,000 increments, with $8 per square-meter of concrete in some cases.

A wallboard, an aluminum board, an insulating board and a metal board were the most costly categories.

They were used in more than $25,000.