The Best Of A Broken City: Concrete Repair And Pouring Concrete Slabs

By TOM REINIGANT, Associated PressPublished Nov. 12, 2017 10:15AMBurglar alarm calls for a quick getaway in a residential neighborhood of Washington, D.C., when a burglar alarm goes off and two suspects break into a home.

One of the suspects grabs a crowbar and starts smashing into the home while the other grabs a shovel and starts digging in the backyard.

The homeowner, who was not injured, tells the burglar that the neighbors have been burglarized and tells him to get out of the house.

The burglar, however, takes the shovel and walks away.

The other suspect, who is still inside the home, gets into the house, grabs a pair of shovels and starts to dig.

The homeowner tells the intruder to leave.

The neighbor, who lives a few houses down, also calls 911 and tells the operator that someone has broken into her home.

When the 911 operator asks the homeowner if he has seen anything, the homeowner says no.

The 911 operator tells the homeowner that the burglars may be in a nearby home and the homeowner then tells the dispatcher that he wants to call the police.

When the dispatcher asks the 911 dispatcher if the homeowners home is safe, the dispatcher tells the caller that the homeowner is in the home and has no information on the home’s safety.

The dispatcher then tells dispatchers that the dispatcher believes the homeowner may be the suspect and will ask him to stay in the house and not to go outside.

The homeowners home sits on the front lawn of the home.

The home is in a wooded area in the middle of a residential district.

The suspect who broke into the homeowners house was wearing a mask.

The first suspect was wearing black clothing, a ski mask, a black backpack and gloves.

The second suspect was not wearing a helmet.

The burglar who broke in was wearing blue shorts and black pants.

The police scanner picked up a voice on the scanner indicating that there was a male, approximately 18 years old, who appeared to be a white male.

Police said they could not say who he was or if he was connected to the other suspect.