How to build a concrete bench in the backyard

A concrete bench made from timber stamped concrete has been constructed in the back yard of a Dubliner’s home.

A group of Dubliners from two different backgrounds have constructed a concrete slab in the Dublin backyard using the wood stamped concrete used in concrete building.

The concrete slab was created using the power of the sun, and the group are hoping to raise enough money to build the bench.

The project was inspired by a conversation between a couple of friends who had been involved in concrete paving.

They had been trying to find out how to build concrete benches and wanted to know if they could do it themselves.

The couple decided to tackle it themselves using wood stamped cement which is a product made by Concrete World.

It is a wood-based cement that is used to make concrete and the same material is used in the construction of other structures including roads and houses.

The Cork based group has constructed a bench with a concrete floor, with the addition of a concrete culvert to keep the benches inside the house.

This is the first concrete bench to be built in the Irish capital.

The group hopes to raise €2,000 for the project by June.

They have received support from the Cork City Council and Dublin City Council, as well as the City of Cork.

The bench has been put in place in the yard of the home of Cork woman Laura McQuaid and her husband Jim.

Mr McQuade said the concrete slab is one of the simplest concrete structures that he had ever seen.

He said the bench is a “great investment for the backyard” and he is looking forward to being able to see it in action.

He added that the concrete is a bit of a pain in the ass to build, so the bench has a “big advantage” over other concrete benches.

The family are currently trying to raise £2,500 to fund the project.