When is a concrete pool deck legal?

Posted by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, June 23, 2020 09:37:50A concrete pool dock, a type of deck built for concrete pools or other pools, can be a real problem if you get caught.

A new report from a California firm says that the pool decking can be illegal if the water is in the pool but the pool does not contain any water or salt.

A pool dock is a type or part of a pool that can contain water or a salt solution.

This type of dock can be either attached to the pool or removed and used for other uses, such as an outdoor bathtub.

This means that it can be legal for someone who has access to the water to remove the dock and let it sit for hours.

“A concrete deck is essentially a concrete slab that you can attach to the bottom of a concrete or slate pool,” said Paul M. R. Hickey, president and general manager of New York-based RCA Marine, Inc. “It’s not a concrete floor.

The water doesn’t have to be fresh.”

While there are a few exceptions to the rule, Hickey said that pool docks that are installed in pools are illegal in California.RCA said it does not have an estimate on how many pool docks have been installed in California over the past two years, but the firm said the number could be much higher.

A concrete dock installed on a pool deck is called a “deck dock,” and it has to be attached to a concrete surface or slab or concrete pool.

Pool docks must have a concrete base.

If the concrete is in a mixture of concrete and salt, then the salt solution will not dissolve, RCA said.

Hickey said the company is working with regulators in California to get a concrete deck legal, and it will take several years for that to happen.RCCs are usually installed when concrete pools are built in order to provide access to water for the public, and the concrete will soak up the salt and become a permanent part of the pool, RCCs can be removed or removed after a certain amount of time.RCL also sells concrete pool decks for pools that are built for public pools.

The company said it would not comment on whether it had received any complaints about its pool docks.