When will we see a new Kailash Satyagraha?

An actor, actress and author are among the people who have taken to the streets of the capital to protest against the new K-S-B movie. 

While the film is being distributed in theatres, a protest has been staged by some people on Friday and Saturday at a hotel near the film’s premiere venue, Bhopal’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. 

The film, which was released on August 11, has stirred up anger among the society.

The protest is being organised by the Delhi-based Kerala Vidhan Sabha, a body that is supposed to take care of the interests of the community. 

“There are protests organised in every city and town.

People have taken up the issue on social media and social media platforms,” said Jignesh Jha, the national convenor of Kerala Vidhana Soudha.

“The film is not a political film.

It is just a film on the history of Kailas, and we are trying to bring it out.

We have taken our case to the Supreme Court.

We are trying our best to have it released soon,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the Kailahs are also protesting in other cities, including New Delhi and Bengaluru, as well as the city of Kolkata. 

According to sources, a large number of people have been protesting in Kolkatt, which is home to a large Muslim population, but there is no official announcement of a mass demonstration in the city. 

 According in a report, the protest is organised by members of the K-Pallikar-Kallipurbandhakti Vidyarthi Parishad, a Dalit political party, and its affiliated organisations. 

One of the members, Suresh Gupta, said that the protests were organised in an effort to draw attention to the injustices suffered by Dalits.

“A large number have joined the protest.

They are taking to the street with a placard reading ‘Kailas are our brothers and sisters’,” he said, adding that they were protesting against “the injustice that is happening to Kailans”. 

 Kailash, which tells the story of a Kailasa family in the late 19th century, is scheduled to be released on November 30 in India. 

In the film, a young boy named Ravi (played by actor Shashi Tharoor) is the eldest of three brothers. 

After his father is killed in a train accident, Ravi falls in love with a girl named Parvati (played in the film by actor Usha Bose), and falls in with a boy named Kapil (played here by actor Rajinikanth).

Ravi is given an assignment to be a messenger in a village called Dhamra and soon discovers that his village is being invaded by a band of criminals called Kailakars.

He takes his own life and meets his family at the same time.

Kailakas were an ancient ethnic group that had lived in India for thousands of years before migrating to Bengaluru.

“The Kailabas are a Dalits group, but their identity is being erased by the movie makers,” said Kailah, who has been an outspoken critic of the new film.